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Are you looking for a lot of the same printed logo? Maybe as promotional giveaway or for an event? If so, then this is your best option.

All of our screen prints are made by hand in our workshop in Porthmadog. We can process anything from 25 print to large orders with up to 4 colours in each design.

This is an old traditional way of printing, which by now, has been modernised. In the early days, silk was streched over wooden frames, and sunlight was used to expose the stencil. Today, we use polyester mesh on aluminium frames, and UV lamps to create a high quality, detailed stencil.

Because this process is labour-intensive, we do have a minimum order of 25 prints (the same design in the same colour)

If you need more information on our printing service, please contact us on 07783 120 262.